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Richard und Anita Ladkani Malaika Pictures 5

Here I would like to talk about us... Who's us?

Well, my wife Anita, and I. We come as a team on almost every project. And because most people don't know this, I would like to dedicate this area to us. Anita and I have been collaborating on film projects since 1996. She has always been more involved on the production side, myself more so on the visual and storytelling side, but we have always joined forces to combine the best of both worlds. And this hasn't changed until today. We develop projects together, brainstorm ideas together, pursue new stories, write treatments, evaluate screenplays and research new techniques. We see ourselves as a creative think tank. We love to get our ideas out there, push them forward and finally bring them to life for the world to see. It's a wonderful teamwork that's been working great for years and even more so since we became proud parents of two wonderful daughters, Maya Malaika and Liah Felicia, who are our secret source of endurance and inspiration. In 2015 Richard and Anita founded Malaika Pictures GmbH, to produce international cinema films on topics that matter.