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Kallawaya - The Andean Healer
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Format: 52min.
Director: Richard Ladkani, Thomas Wartmann

DoP: Richard Ladkani
Writer: Thomas Wartmann
Location: Bolivia

Network: SWR/arte (2006)
Production Co.: Filmquadrat

Kallawaya - The Andean Healer

The Bolivian nomadic healers of the Kallawaya people also call their country “Kallawaya” – the doctors' land. Many famous medicine men were raised here. Until this very day, the Kallawaya practice their ancient shamanian healing skills on their walk-abouts through all of South America. Their concept of the world that dates back to ancient times even before the Inca Empire, is a complex cosmology of myths, rituals and a profound knowledge of the healing powers of plants, animals and minerals.

Aurelio, one of the last Andian healers, decides to instruct his oldest son Cerilo in the art of healing. However, not everyone has the gift to become a medicine man. Cerilo's first long journey to the Inca stronghold on the Machu Picchu mountain will prove whether he is meant to become one of the few true Kallawayan healers.

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