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Killerflu 139
Killerflu 2008
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Format: 94min.
Directors: Richard Ladkani, Bärbel Jacks
Producer: Bärbel Jacks
Locations: Germany, Vietnam
Network: Pro7 - Primetime TV movie
Production Co.: Janus TV


"Pandemic" is a futuristic “What-If” Scenario of a catastrophe that just hasn’t happened yet. The film follows an outbreak of a new birdflu mutation in Hanoi, Vietnam that has become contagious from human to human. Within 3 weeks the virus spreads around the world and quietly reaches Germany. What follows is a race against time to stop the virus from spreading amongst the population. The mood quickly turns from panic to chaos as riots and looting of pharmacies erupts around the country. Within weeks hundreds of thousands of people become infected in Germany and millions around the world.

The film focuses on a handful of people who relive their trauma of how the survived the killerflu of 2008. Through interviews, security cameras, handycams, news reports and many other visual techniques the films goal is to be ultra-realistic. The story is told from a two year later perspective and reconstructs in utter detail of how this could have happened. Six months of research went into the writing of the script to stay as true to facts as possible. This film was not made to cause panic but to raise broad awareness and lay the groundwork for serious discussions on the matter of readyness and prevention.



Anne Cathrin Buhtz, Frank Ruttloff, Dr. Uwe Klein, Marbo Becker, Oliver Kai Bode, Dagmar Nieß, Nicolas Schinseck, Alina Sokar, Claudia Glaser, Paulus Fischer, Rudi Knauss, Van-Lam Vissay, Wilhelm Beck, Andreas Heinzel, Stephen Sikder, u.v.a.

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