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Gas Monopoly
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Format: 90min., Sony - F3

Idea: Markus Fischer

Director: Richard Ladkani

Writer: Martin Leidenfrost

Camera: Richard Ladkani

Locations: Austria, Russia, Brussels, Azerbaijan, Turkey

Network: ORF/arte (2011)

Production Co.: Fischer Film

Gas Monopoly

We are dependent on gas. Gas heats our homes. Gas powers our heavy industry. In the near future, we won't have any alternatives to this limited resource. In Europe, the demand for natural gas will increase significantly until 2030 yet and at the same time its domestic production will decrease. Who will supply us with gas in the future? Whatever we may think of it as an energy source - we need to know the answer. Gas Monopoly is the first feature-length documentary dealing with this hot topic and shows the business in big, strong and spectacular pictures: unknown landscapes, impressing facilities on- and offshore and key players in beautiful and unique rooms.

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