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Format: 4x43min., HD
Writer/Director: Richard Ladkani
Camera: Tobias Corts, Richard Ladkani
Editor: Verena Schönauer
Music: Enjott Schneider
Location: Southern bavaria
Network: BR/Arte (2013)
Production Co.: Storyhouse Productions


Bavaria is different, Bavaria is unique, Bavaria offers incredible perspectives– not only when seen from above. This four-part series presents Bavaria like never seen before: With breathtaking pictures, from the sky, from remote-controlled drones, by using timelapse techniques that turn our dark night-skies into wonders of nature. But the driving force of these films are its people, their stories and their adventures. They are visionaries, people who have dreams, role models to some and fountains of inspiration to others. Combined they give us an incredible range of what Bavaria is all about. The stories told cover Bavaria’s ancient past, cultural ideologies today, art projects, fashion, search and rescue operations, as well as endangered species and climate change. To further enhance the experience the soundtrack was recorded with a classical orchestra.

Every film focuses on four exceptional people. “The South” covers the region from Munich to the Alps.

Dr. Hannes Vogelmann, is physicist. His exceptional office lies 3000 meter above sea-level on the “Zugspitze”, Germanys highest mountain.  He researches the effects of environmental change and is building the world’s first laser-system to explore climate change in the stratosphere. 19 year old Mona Göttl is training with her husky “Hunter” under extreme conditions in the Alps, to become accepted as the first woman in the avalanche-dog squadron of Bavaria. Parkranger Ulrich Brendel is putting together a team of expert paragliders, to launch the world's first research project exploring their impact on the fragile world of eagles. And finally Andreas Burmester, in charge of all restoration for Munich’s Art Pinakoteken, is working on a visionary project called "The Knowledge Repository", to create cultural heritages for generations to come.

Steering clear of any clichés, this series presents a whole new view on Bavaria. 

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