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Shark Family (Series Pilot)
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Format: 52min. Series Pitch
Director: Mark Kaczmarczyk

DoP: Richard Ladkani
Locations: South Africa
Network: Discovery Channel
Production: Monaco Film

Shark Family (Series Pilot)

Meet the Ferreiras, just another ordinary family living in the quiet suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. Most days are like any other for this typical young family. Going to work, picking the kids up from school, doing homework, shopping, mowing the lawn... Except that dad is Craig Ferreira, the legendary great white shark explorer, and he’s about to take us and his family on a worldwide quest in search of world’s most dangerous predators.

Each week, viewers of all ages can watch the action as Craig, his wife, his father and his three young sons travel the seven seas to turn the spotlight onto the fascinating world of sharks. Craig’s aim is to pass on his love and passion for sharks, but more importantly, he wants to reach a new generation of children and young adults with his mission of shark conservation and education.

Blurring the lines between nature documentary and family drama, this exciting new family series will present a thrilling mix of science and adventure in the best tradition of Jacques Cousteau, weaving education and drama into a compelling new look. Shark Family will bring us closer than ever before to these extraordinary creatures.

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