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The most Secret Place on Earth
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Format: 90min., HDCAM
Director: Marc Eberle

DoP: Richard Ladkani
Locations: USA, Laos, Thailand
Network: NDR/arte (2008)
Production: Gebrüder Beetz



Banff World TV Awards - Nomination

The most Secret Place on Earth

After 30 years of conspiracy theories and myth making, this film uncovers the story of the CIA’s most extensive clandestine operation in the history of modern warfare: The Secret War in Laos, which was conducted alongside the Vietnam War. In Key players of the secret war – CIA agents, pilots, Laotian and Thai fighters – take us into the physical heart of the conflict: Top secret airbase of the CIA “Long Cheng”.

The filmmakers are the first westerners to return to this mysterious place in 30 years. This film is the uncovering of the largest and one of the most deadly airwars in human history. By what means did the CIA pull off this war entirely unknown to US Congress and the world’s public for so many years?

While we delve into the heart of the conflict, the film develops an overview of US geopolitics of the era. Never before seen private archive material of the war and exclusive new footage from Long Cheng illustrate an audacious and tragic chapter of US history that cost hundreds of thousands of lives.


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