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Format: 112min., Arri Amira (main)

A Netflix Original Documentary

Executive Producer: Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Allen, Carol Tomko

Producers: Walter Köhler, Kief Davidson, Wolfgang Knöpfler

Directors: Richard Ladkani & Kief Davidson

Editor: Verena Schönauer

Cinematography: Richard Ladkani

Second Camera: Tobias Corts

Sound: Roland Winkler

Music: H. Scott Salinas

Locations: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, China, Hongkong, Vietnam, London

Production Co.: Terra Mater Film Studios & Vulcan Productions in association with Malaika Pictures and Appian Way

The Ivory Game



A film about the undercover war combatting the extinction of elephants

From executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio, The Ivory Game is an epic documentary thriller that goes undercover into the dark and sinister underbelly of ivory trafficking. Award-winning director Richard Ladkani and Academy Award®–nominated director Kief Davidson filmed undercover for 16 months in China and Africa with a crack team of intelligence operatives, undercover activists, passionate frontline rangers and tough-as-nails conservationists, to infiltrate the corrupt global network of ivory trafficking. A production from Terra Mater Film Studios and Vulcan Productions, this stunningly photographed exposé follows poachers in pursuit of the 'white gold' of ivory. Ultimately, the film becomes an urgent wake-up call that proves time is running out for the African elephants, dangerously nearing closer and closer to extinction.



When we first heard about the mass killings of elephants in Africa and their possible extinction, we were shocked. Virtually no one knew this was going on. We wanted to let the world know about this tragedy in a format that would reach millions of people.

After three years of work, we hope The Ivory Game sparks an emotional outcry among opinion leaders, politicians and audiences around the world. The message is loud and clear: We cannot let this happen. If we allow the largest land mammal on earth to disappear on our watch, we won't simply lose an iconic species — we'll lose our humanity. To quote one of the main characters in our film, "What have we become if everything we value, everything we care about, we consume?"

The Ivory Game focuses on some of the most extraordinary heroes fighting on the frontlines of this senseless war. They are activists, rangers, undercover investigators and conservationists who have come together for the same honorable cause. They are some of the most inspiring people we have ever encountered and in their determination, vigilance and persistence they give us true reasons for hope.

We hope for an awakening with this film. We hope it triggers action and achieves its ultimate goal: To help save elephants.

— Richard Ladkani & Kief Davidson

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